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Articles on Computer Networks

  1. Introduction to Computer Networking | What is Computer Network
  2. What are Topology & Types of Topology in Computer Network
  3. What is Foot Printing in Cyber Security and its Types, Purpose
  4. Introduction to Cloud Computing | What is Cloud Computing
  5. Distributed Shared Memory and Its Advantages and Disadvantages
  6. What is a VPN? How does a VPN Work? What VPN should I use?
  7. What is an Internet and How the Internet Works
  8. What is a Website and How Does a Website or web work?
  9. Introduction to Virus and Different Types of Viruses in Computer
  10. What is TCP and its Types and What is TCP three-way Handshake
  11. What is the UDP Protocol? How does it work and what are its advantages?
  12. What is an IP and its Functions, What is IPv4 and IPv6 Address
  13. What is MAC Address and its Types and Difference MAC vs IP
  14. What is ARP and its Types? How Does it Work and ARP Format
  15. Sessions and Cookies and the Difference Between Them
  16. What is the ICMP Protocol and its Message Format?
  17. What is Big Data? Characteristics and Types of Big Data
  18. Disciplines of Cyber Security | What are the goals of Cyber Security?
  19. What is Firewall, Features, Types and How does the Firewall Work?
  20. Network Scanning, Types, and Stealth Scan in Computer Network
  21. Cryptography and its Types in Ethical Hacking
  22. Tor Browser and How Does It Work | Onion Router Tutorial
  23. Proxy Server, Advantages, Difference between Proxy Server & VPN
  24. DHCP Protocol and What Are the Pros and Cons of DHCP
  25. Intrusion Detection System(IDS) and What are the types of IDS
  26. Domain Name Server, How Does It Work, and its advantages
  27. Telnet: Introduction, How Does it Work, and Its Pros and Cons
  28. SOC: Introduction, Functions performed by SOC, and its Pros
  29. What is SIEM? | What is the Difference between SIEM and SOC?
  30. Application Layer in OSI Model | OSI Model Application Layer
  31. What is SSL Protocol or SSL/TLS and SSL Handshake, and Architecture of SSL
  32. What are Servers, how do they work, and its different Types
  33. Network Devices-Router, Switch, Hub, etc in Computer Network
  34. Connection Oriented and Connection-less Services in Network
  35. Physical Layer in OSI Model | OSI Model Physical Layer
  36. Presentation Layer in OSI Model | OSI Model Presentation Layer
  37. Session layer in OSI Model | OSI Model Session layer
  38. Transport Layer in OSI Model | Computer Network Transport Layer
  39. Network Layer in OSI Model | OSI Model Network Layer
  40. Data Link Layer in OSI Model | OSI Model Data Link Layer
  41. Block Diagram of Communication System with Detailed Explanation
  42. Transmission Mode, Types, Pros and Cons in Computer Networks
  43. LAN, MAN, WAN, PAN, CAN: Types of Computer Network
  44. Transmission Media | Guided and UnGuided Media in Networks

Articles on Python

  1. Continue and Break Statement in Python
  2. Definition of Strings in Python with its Examples
  3. Numbers in Python | Introduction to Numbers in Python
  4. Loop in Python | Different Types of Loop in Python
  5. Sets in Python | Python Sets and Operations performed on them
  6. Conditional Statements in Python (With Examples)
  7. File Handling in Python and Operations performed on File Handling
  8. What are Dictionary in Python | Dictionary in Python, advantages
  9. Variables and Typecasting in Python || Variables in Python

Articles on Application Review

  1. How to Download Youtube Vanced APK | Alternative for Youtube
  2. Google Chrome Users Can Soon Translate Text Within Images
  3. How to Download Playit Mod APK Latest Version
  4. In the latest upgrade, Skype Translation adds two epic features.
  5. Google Fi makes eSIM functionality available for Samsung devices.

Articles on Linux

  1. What is Linux Operating System | Introduction to Linux
  2. Directory in Linux Define | Linux Directory & its Commands
  3. Explain the chmod command in Linux | Linux chmod command
  4. Linux User Management || User Management in Linux
  5. Linux Computer Network Advanced Command | Network Command
  6. Redirection in Linux I/O| Linux I/O Redirection
  7. CronTab and Job Scheduling in Linux | Make CronTab Project
  8. Linux Firewall Unlock Rules with Firewall-cmd Tutorial
  9. netstat command in Linux | Linux netstat command
  10. SSH Command Full Guide with Practical | Linux SSH Service
  11. awk command Guide | How to arrange the output of the file in Linux
  12. sed command Full Guide Tutorial | Linux sed Command
  13. Iptables commands Full Guide: How to make our own Firewall
  14. Kali Linux Full Tutorial Guide | How to Install in the Virtual Machine
  15. Package Management in Linux | Linux Package Management Tools

Articles on Cyber Security

  1. What is Ethical Hacking || Introduction to Ethical Hacking
  2. System Security and Protection in Cybersecurity
  3. HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) in Cyber Security Law
  4. PCI DSS (Physical Card Industry and Data Security Standard) in Cyber Security Law
  5. What is GLBA (Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act) in Cyber Security Law?
  6. What is NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology)?
  7. What is GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)?
  8. What are ISO 27001 and CIA in Cyber Security Law?
  9. What is HITRUST Framework in Cyber Security Law
  10. Ethical Hackers, Types, and Responsibilities of Ethical Hackers
  11. VAPT, Benefits, and What are the Roles of VAPT in Company
  12. What is Pen Testing, Requirement, Types, and Roles of PenTester

Articles on Bash Scripting

  1. Bash Scripting – Introduction to Bash | What is Bash Scripting
  2. Array in Bash Scripting | Bash Arrays
  3. Functions in Bash Scripting | Bash Functions
  4. Conditional Statements in Bash | Bash Conditional Statement
  5. Hash Commands in Bash Scripting | Bash hash Commands

Articles on Cyber Security Tools

  1. Dirb Command Kali Linux | Dirb: A Web-Content Scanner
  2. Introduction to Burp Suite | How to Download Burp Suite in Linux
  3. What is Tmux? | Introduction to Tmux
  4. Introduction to Termux | Termux Introduction
  5. EyeZy: How to log in to other Emails without receiving a Notification.
  6. Nmap Scanning Tool in Cyber Security with Nmap Cheatsheet
  7. WP Scan Full Tutorial in 10 minutes| How to scan with WP Scan
  8. Modules and Components of Metasploit Framework
  9. Data Packet Capture and Filters in Wire Shark
  10. Tshark: An Alternative for Wire Shark and How to Use It
  11. Sql Map command in Cyber Security | SQL Injection Attack Tool
  12. Hydra Tool Full Guide | Learn Hydra Command Tutorial
  13. John the Ripper Tool | How to crack the Password of Files
  14. Nikto Tool Web Vulnerability Scanner That Every Hacker Uses
  15. Nessus Vulnerability Scanner Full Guide Tutorial
  1. 10 Tips for the User to Prevent from Being Hacked by Hackers
  2. Cookie Hijacking, How to Detect and Prevent It with Practical
  3. Session Hijacking, and How to Detect and Prevent It with Practical
  4. Social Engineering and its Different Types in Cyber Security
  5. What is Privilege Escalation Attack, its Types, and Prevention
  6. Key Logger Attack and How to Detect and Prevent It
  7. Eavesdropping Attack and How to Prevent it in Ethical Hacking
  8. Drive-By Attack and How to Prevent it in Ethical Hacking
  9. Steganography Attack and How to Hide and Send Data in Image
  10. What is SQL Injection, its Type, Prevention, and how to perform it
  11. Broken Access Control Full Guide OWASP 10 in Ethical Hacking
  12. Insecure Deserialization in Ethical Hacking OWASP 10
  13. Host Header Injection | How to Attack the Header of a Request
  14. Email Header Injection | How to Send an Email to an Unknown Person
  15. DOS Attack (Denial of Service) and Prevent or mitigate it
  16. Sensitive Data Exposure Vulnerability OWASP10 in Ethical Hacking
  17. LDAP Injection and What are the Impact and Mitigation of LDAP
  18. OS Command Injection Attack, Prevent and Detect with Examples
  19. Code Injection Attack | How to inject the code into the website
  20. XPath Injection and What are the Impact and Mitigation of XPath Injection
  21. CRLF Injection and What the Impact and Mitigation of CRLF Injection
  22. XML Attack or XML External Entities (XXE) and How to Detect and Prevent it
  23. Cross-Site Scripting or XSS Attack | How to Detect and Prevent from XSS Attack
  24. Using Components with Known Vulnerabilities Full Guide OWASP
  25. Insufficient Logging and Monitoring Full Guide OWASP Tutorial
  26. Phishing Attacks and Their Types | How to Prevent it
  27. What is Brute Force Attack, Impact and Mitigate it

Articles on SQL

  1. Introduction to Relational Database and SQL | What is SQL

Articles on Numpy

  1. What is Numpy and used for | Introduction to Numpy

Articles on Metasploit Framework

  1. Learn Metasploit Framework | Metasploit Framework Download

Articles on Wireshark

  1. Introduction and Download a Wireshark in your system

Articles on Technology

  1. 11 Best PC Games Of All Time, Ranked on Personal Computer

Articles on Javascript

  1. Learn Javascript Tutorial | Introduction to Javascript

Articles on Docker

  1. Learn Docker Tutorial | Introduction to Docker

Articles on Blockchain

Articles on BurpSuite

  1. Proxy Tab in Burp Suite and What Features of it with Sub Modules
  2. Introduction to Burp Suite | How to Download Burp Suite in Linux
  3. Repeater in BurpSuite and What Features of it with Sub Modules
  4. Proxy Tab in Burp Suite and What Features of it with Sub Modules
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